Being 100% sustainable is a long-term process that needs to cover all different facets of sustainability. We therefore strive to take massive imperfect steps and encourage every effort towards a better future. You as a consumer can help us in our mission.

Here's our perspective on sustainable fashion: 

Firstly, we believe there needs to be a change in mindset from fast to slow. This is a responsibility of both supplier/producer and consumer: 
- Don't be tempted by the low price, while the real cost is so high
- Don't seek for material satisfaction, while you should seek for insights
- Don't be lured to want more, when you're better of with less
- Don't degrade garments to disposables, when they are actually so valuable

Secondly, we believe in timeless, non-seasonal and qualitative fashion with a minimalist character that you can combine into multiple looks. Timeless fashion is about slowing down the fast-changing trends that causes overproductions, opting for multifunctional clothing that you really love and focusing on the true essence of your purchase. 

Thirdly, a large part of our curated items are made of sustainable materials. All items are indicated with a specific label on the website. Each season we continue to expand this proportion. Read more about this in the section "our commitment". 


  • We select our brand and collections very carefully and go for timeless, qualitative pieces that last
  • We offer a large number of items made out if sustainable materials which are indicated with a specific label on the website. 53% of our assortiment is made out of more sustainable materials
    FW 2021: our goal is 65% - we welcome 2 new sustainable brands and one new Belgian brand  
    SS 2022: our goal is 75%  
    Each collection we try to increase this number
  • We encourage conscious consumption and help you learn more about this topic
  • We give personal shopping advice to avoid return as much as possible - soon we will provide digital fashion consult sessions + size guides

  • We use recycled materials for our packaging

  • We try to avoid overstock or backorders by forecasting our budgets very accurate


Sustainable Choice

Sustainable Choice

We strive for a better future of the fashion industry and an important step towards this goal is the use of sustainable materials. Open communication is at the heart of MAE, which is why we label all items made from sustainable materials. You can find additional information about the brands' commitment to sustainable fashion in the description of the articles.


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