Product care


We would like to give you some tips to extend the lifetime of your clothes.
Try to wash your clothes as less frequently as possible, the more you wash them, the more they lose their quality. Let your clothing air out after wearing them - especially jeans.
Use a protective bag to wash delicate pieces or hand wash them. Be careful when you wring your clothes, instead roll the item up in a towel and gently press the water out. Never ever wring out silk to dry.
Avoid the dryer: the dryer is very rough on your clothing. Tumble dryers cause tiny micro-tears which diminish the longevity of your clothing. 


Handwash silk to keep them in good shape, use cool water and a tiny bit of mild detergent. Silk needs to breath so never keep it in plastic, store it in a dry and dark place. 


Cotton is super-durable, so garments can be washed in the machine with any detergent, and bleach can be used as needed. Cotton wrinkles easily but can be ironed on the highest heat level.


Always wash jeans inside out in cold water on the delicate cycle, or wash by hand. Denim needs to breathe, so be sure to not pack folded pairs too tightly together on a shelf, or hand denim jackets or vests in a crowded closet.


Don't wash cashmere too often. Best is to wash cashmere by hand in cold water with baby shampoo. Don't hang cashmere wet on a coat rack, it’ll stretch it out.You can use a salad spinner to dry cashmere or lay it flat to dry, pressing it gently with a towel.


Viscose is a delicate fabric which requires special care. To avoid risks of distortion, pilling, shrinkage, we recommend you to hand wash and dry it natural. Hang wet items totally wet  as this will help remove creasing and ensure the garment doesn’t lose its shape. Viscose should be ironed on the reverse side when it is still wet.


Most polyester and can be easily machine washed and dryed in warm water. Turn polyester-knit garments inside out before washing to prevent snags.


If light wool sweaters say hand wash, you can use the machine’s hand-wash or wool cycle with cool water. Never use scalding hot water or bleach on wool items. To dry, gently squeeze the garment and lay it flat. Hanging can ruin the clothing’s shape. Many wool garments do not require ironing, but very smooth fabrics may look better if pressed. Always use steam when pressing wool. Set your iron on the wool setting and avoid ironing the fabric when it is totally dry.


To enjoy your jewellery as long as possible, it is always important to give your jewellery a cleanup every now and then.


To preserve the silver gilded jewellery colour, you should take it off during sports, showering or swimming. Also avoid using perfume and other oils and lotions on the jewellery. These products can damage the top gold layer of the jewellery.


If you haven't worn your silver jewellery for a while, the colour may have gotten darker over time, but don't worry! Use some Silvo silver polish and a dry cloth and your jewellery will look like new again.


Brass can sometimes get darker in colour if you have worn it for a long time, but this material can also be easily cleaned with Brasso copper shine and a dry cloth.