MAE is an online multibrand fashion concept offering timeless fashion and design. We empower a more conscious way of living and consuming.

MAE is the name of an ambitious woman who wants to create the life of her dreams, holds on to her vision and consciously enjoys life.

We are a concept rather than a webshop because our goal is not just to sell something. We see MAE as a platform, a community, a motivation and a source of inspiration. The concept is always in motion, constantly looking to improve and evolve, with the goal of learning and growing. 

At MAE we choose slow fashion with a timeless, quality and comfortable cachet. We see clothing in its finest structures, sleek designs, refined aesthetics. Pieces that are designed for the future.

MAE wants women to love their clothing and see clothing as an investment in theirselves instead of disposables. Clothing should fit our lifestyle, distinguish us from others, give us confidence and make our daily lives easier. We combat the principles of today's consumer society which makes us feel that we must have more in order to be more.

MAE wants to return to the essence: slown down, stay close to who you are. 




Lena Onkelinx is the 27 years old  founder of MAE concept. She has always been very passionate about fashion and has been active in the fashion industry ever since she graduated.

What's your academic background? 

"I studied Marketing for three years in Leuven, Belgium. In my third year, I had the opportunity to study in France for 6 months, which was the best time of my life. Afterwards I did an internship for 4 months in a marketing agency. When I finishes my bachelor degree, I was not ready with university yet and wanted to get a master degree in communications. For my master's degree, I did a thesis on influencers in the fashion world. I was so happy to work on something that I was so interested in. Finally, I took a course in interior design. Interior design and fashion have always been my two great passions and these fields are closely related."

Where did you passion for fashion came from?

"The passion has always been there. As a child, I used to go to summer fashion camps where I designed my own pieces. As a student, I worked in several clothing stores. And during that time, I also made and sold my own accessories."

What prompted you to launch MAE?

"I have had entrepreneurial fever for a very long time. I hated the feeling of being incomplete and not being challenged enough. I didn't know how to express my creativity. For a long time, I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do. Something always stopped me from starting in fashion, because the competition is huge and I wanted to do things differently. I didn't want to be a part of the pollution. Eventually I realized that I had to stay true to myself and my passion.

I tried to translate my vision on fashion into a concept and I opted for online instead of offline because I think that the Belgian e-commerce has a great potential. I consider it a challenge to translate the personal experience and service of offline shopping into an online experience. Since I have a deep desire to make a real change, it is easier to communicate my message to a wider audience online."

Wanna know more about Lena's story? Read the blog post about Lena here.

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MAE is an online concept store with a curated selection of fashion, design and lifestyle items. 

We choose to collaborate with unique European brands that offer timeless  clothing and are working towards a more sustainable fashion industry. Brands that carry out checks in their factories and value healthy working conditions.  Brands that have a strong vision that fit our concept for 200%.

We strive for a better future of the industry and an important step towards this goal is the use of sustainable materials. A large part of our curated items are made of sustainable materials. They are indicated with a specific label on the website. Each season we continue to expand this proportion. 

In the selection of our collections, we take into account: 
- Sustainable materials
- Fair trade - Ethical practices
- Chemical restriction
- Animal Welfare
- Timeless pieces 
- Quality & durable pieces
- Recyclable packaging & hangtags

We are always looking for local artist and young brand to collaborate with.

Do you have a question about our brands or do you have a brand that fit our concept? Feel free to contact us. 

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