Why I love layering

Why I love layering

My personal experience about layering

People often think that I have a lot of clothes, but that's not true at all. I just love to wear my clothes in many different ways and I'll tell you what the advantages are. 

I like layering for many different reasons. I'm someone who gets cold very quickly, but also warm very quickly. For me layering is a way to be dressed for any weather/occasion. It allows you to wear clothes in many different ways and gives you a rich look. You can give your outfit a totally new look by layering a different combination. It allows for more creativity and a little eccentricity.

My challenge for you: take some time to create different looks with the clothes you already have in your closet. You can use Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration – but remember, don't copy, create. This will help you rediscover existing pieces, find out which ones you really love and which items you might be missing to complete your looks. 

Layering tips:

  • Think of your basic investment pieces as ways to build up your look
  • Stick to the same color family
  • Mix various materials for a rich look
  • Use different cuts, shapes and lengths, this diversity is what makes your layered look exciting
  • Think of your shape: Layering should not diminish the body's natural shape. It shouldn't look like you are walking around in a sack

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