Meet the Belgian Brand - RE/BORN

Meet the Belgian Brand - RE/BORN

About The Brand 

MAE Concept teams up with European brands that have a unique story and a strong vision on the future of Fashion. We like to work with special, upcoming brands who fit our concept for 100%. We would like to introduce you to one of our Belgian brands: RE/BORN Antwerp.

The RE/BORN Antwerp collection is handcrafted from the finest materials. Its superior craftsmanship reflects their commitment to enduring quality for your full comfort. The collection is made to be easy-going, comfortable, and in perfect balance. They enhance in full power the femininity and strive to accentuate the elegance in a nonchalant way.  

All materials feel extremely soft and allow uncompromized full movement of the body. Their mantra is ‘no limitations’ – all in function of the strong women for whom the collection has been created.


Match made in Heaven - Why we love this brand 

First of all, we love that we're closely involved in the story behind RE/BORN. For us, It’s very important to believe in and identify with the values of a brand. Transparency is key and we like to know the face behind all the hard work that goes into establishing your own brand. 

Besides that, we attach great importance to the quality of the materials used. Anyone who discovers its first RE/BORN piece, is amazed by its high-quality fabrics. For us, this is the reason why we reach for our favorite RE/BORN piece every day. Comfortable, yet stylish.

Finally, our best tip for creating stylish, easy and timeless looks is to start with a strong, good, qualitative basic and build your look on it.  All pieces in these collections are multifunctional. You can wear them as homewear or on the go, as a ton-sur-ton look or you can mix and match different colours. 

Shop RE/BORN Antwerp here. 100% made with love. 


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