6 things you want to know about slow fashion

6 things you want to know about slow fashion

Slow fashion is the opposite of fast fashion, that makes sense, but what exactly is slow fashion? How do you recognize it and where can you find it? 

1) What is slow fashion

Unlike fast fashion, which is associated with disposability and unfair trade, slow fashion represents timeless, quality clothing that lasts. Don't think that slow fashion therefore equates to anti-fashion. On the contrary, slow fashion also finds its way into fashion weeks and high-end stores. As a slow fashion lover, it is perfectly possible to follow a trend, without having to choose a totally new wardrobe or style every season (which is usual in the world of fast fashion).

2) What makes a garment slow?

One of the aspects of slow fashion is the timeless and qualitative designs. In addition, the brands are committed to good conditions throughout the production chain. They show respect for the environment, people and animals and guarantee fair wages and decent working conditions. 

3) Is slow fashion the same as timeless fashion? 

Slow fashion is seen as a combination of sustainable fashion, ethical fashion and timeless fashion. Sustainable fashion is about the impact of raw materials and used chemicals on people and the environment. Ethical fashion shows whether the people involved in the production are treated in an honest and good way. Timeless fashion refers to your personal relationship with fashion and is all about your mindset. In slow fashion, trends and seasons don't matter, and ethics and aesthetics fit together seamlessly. 

4) How do I recognize slow fashion?

Slow fashion is not seasonal or trend driven and will offer a lot of good classics that deserve a place in almost every wardrobe. When looking for high-quality clothing, it's best to pay attention to a few things. First of all, good finishing and detailing are important. Cheap zippers and buttons are a clear signal of low quality. In addition, the material used is of great importance. Choose as many pure materials as possible (100% linen, 100% cotton,...). The fit of an item also says a lot about its quality. Sometimes we buy items because they look nice on a model, mannequin or hanger, but when we put them on they don't seem to fit at all. This also indicates low quality.

5) How do I create a slow fashion wardrobe?

A slow fashion closet is carefully curated and well-preserved. Perhaps one of the biggest challenges in putting together a slow fashion wardrobe is to avoid impulse buying. Try to go for good basics that you can easily combine and complement with collector items that you really fall in love with and want to wear for years to come.

6) Can I shop slow fashion at MAE?

YES! MAE collects carefully selected slow fashion items of high quality. We choose qualitative materials like linen and cotton and a large part of the collections is made with bio materials. All brands are European, stand for fair trade and have a unique story to tell. 

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