RE/BORN Brand stories

RE/BORN Brand stories

In conversation with Charlotte, the owner of an Antwerp based Fashion Agency and co-founder of the Belgian brand RE/BORN. Today we'll talk about the beginning of the brand RE/BORN and the process of creating the collections.  

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Can you give us some more info about the brand?

"RE/BORN was born last year during Corona. The idea to start the brand had been there for a while, but the concrete realization happened during Corona. We wanted to create a collection that is super comfortable to wear, but also fashionable enough to carry out your daily activities: work, going out for a drink, eating something, and so on. The collection is really made for women who live an active life, but don't feel like changing their outfit 100 times a day. In other words, at RE/BORN you shop multifunctional looks that are easy to wear for all activities and that you can also easily combine in different ways."

Why did you choose the name RE/BORN?

"As I mentioned, the idea came last year. Because of all the problems Corona has brought with it, we expect a kind of REBIRTH after the pandemic. The way the world will look, what people will find important in life, but also the clothes people will wear. Besides the fact that I am convinced that people will still dress very festive, I think a lot of people have found their way to comfy wear and like to wear items that are both comfortable and Fashionable. Looks that are very easy going. Our mantra is therefore "no limitations". "

Where are the collections produced?

"As you know, the collections are designed in Antwerp, Belgium. We choose to do everything within Europe. All materials come from Europe, as well as the entire production is done in Europe. To be sustainable, we find it important to keep the logistic distances as short as possible. We also work a lot with the same materials to avoid surpluses, such as french terry and t-shirt fabric. In addition, we try to add a new material every season for some innovation. We find it important to keep our main qualities so that the collection is accessible and seasonless all year round. Because of this, you never have the feeling that an item is very summery, or very wintery. They are pieces that you can wear all year round on all kinds of occasions."  

How do you get inspired to design a collection?

"We take inspiration from luxury, high-end brands and translate that into wearable and comfortable pieces. We strive for pieces that look luxurious, yet everyone can wear them daily. Before we pick our colors, we also look for inspiration. We use basic colors that are always in the collection: white, beige, gray mélange. And in addition, we add colors that are popular for that season."  

What are your future plans?

"It's definitely our intention to continue to grow. We are also going to keep expanding the collections with different materials, new qualities that we are going to introduce in order to get a total collection. We would also like to introduce the brand abroad in the future." 

Thank you Charlotte, we at MAE are looking forward to seeing how RE/BORN will continue to grow and what this beautiful Belgian brand you will have more to offer.

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