Questions before you buy something

Questions before you buy something

At MAE, we're striving to slow down the fashion industry and go back to the essence of our purchases. We want to make women love and care for their clothes and to see their clothes as a part of who they are. Together we can become more conscious in the way we live and the way we consume.
We are more than happy to help you in this process. 
The following questions can help you make a more conscious decision.


Do I really, truly, honestly need it?
Do I have something (of five somethings) similar?

Do I have something to wear with it?
Do I have multiple things to wear with it?
Would I really wear it?

Am I in love with it?
Does it look good on me?

Is it good quality fabric?
Is it well structured, does the stitching seem firm?
Do I have to throw it out after 1 wash?

Can I afford it?
Will I regret it?
What's the cost per wear?
Is it good value for the price?
Or is it just cheap? 




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