What is Slow Fashion?

What is Slow Fashion?

What is Slow Fashion?

Slow fashion is part of the so-called "slow movement" and is about a conscious way of handling clothing. It is a new way of looking at your clothing, where you not only look at the piece itself, but also think about how the piece came to you and how you can take care of it in the future. Because of this, a garment is no longer just "part of an outfit", but it is an item that suits you as a human being, your values and what you find important in the world.

"Slow fashion is about consuming and creating fashion consciously and with integrity. It connects social and environmental awareness and responsibility with the pleasure of wearing beautiful, well-made, and lasting clothing (as compared to the immediate gratification of fast Fashion)". Kat Collings, Editor in Chief at Who What Wear

Slow vs. Fast fashion

Slow fashion is the widespread reaction to fast fashion. Much of todays production is designed for short life cycles to encourage consumers to buy something new. Fast fashion is known for mass production and the emphasis on trends of today. Slow fashion is about high quality items that are carefully made with the aim to last a long time.

The difference between slow fashion, fair fashion and environmentally friendly fashion

The difference between slow fashion, fair fashion and sustainable fashion is that slow fashion is actually more comprehensive than the two.

Fair fashion is about the ethical aspect in the fashion industry; how are people treated? While environmentally friendly fashion is about how the environment is treated and the impact of the production process.

Slow fashion is a slightly more ideological view of fashion. It is a way of dealing with fashion and it's a term that is constantly evolving.

Learning to invest in your clothes

Slow fashion also involves immersing oneself in one's clothing style, an investment of time and money? In the end, you don’t have to be more expensive, but you do have to make choices. Don't go along with every 'I have to have this' grill, but choose clothes for the long term.

An advice is to think about cost per wear instead of the price of the item. You will always come out cheaper with a qualitative item that you wear longer than a cheap item that you are tired of after 2 times.

Timeless, qualitative article: 150 euro - worn 50 times = 3 euro / wear

Trendy, cheap article that you don’t really like: 30 euro – worn 3 times = 10 euro / wear

Buy timeless

Buy timeless clothes of good quality and carefully choose what you buy. Paying particular attention to quality and how long you will continue to like it. Clothes that are made in a beautiful way, with a good fit, that stay in place for a long time. Clothing that is of sufficient quality to be worn year after year and timeless so that you can continue to love it over a long period of time.

Fashion doesn't become slower than that.

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